Is to develop products to improve the quality

of life for individuals with spinal cord injuries and disease.

Spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D) is one of the most complex and devastating injuries, as they are often permanent and always life-changing. Along with a myriad of health issues impacting the bowels, bones, skin, muscles, sexual function, and psycho-social challenges, a key, unaddressed challenge that SCI/D individuals live with on a daily basis is neurogenic bladder. In this condition, a person cannot feel the fullness of their bladder nor can they control their bladder to urinate, leading to chronic Urinary Retention.

Since there are more than 1million men in the United States alone suffering from chronic Urinary Retention, the need for “smart” and an improved bladder management product is real. Based on his own experiences, Spinal Singularity’s founder, Derek Herrera was on a mission to revolutionize bladder management and the creation of  a “smart” catheter system was put into motion.

The Connected Catheter System was designed and is currently being developed and evaluated by Spinal Singularity. The Connected Catheter System is the first extended use, fully internal, wireless and smart, male urinary catheter designed for individuals with urinary retention. Clinical trials and regulatory submissions for FDA clearance and CE Mark approval are currently in process.

See if you are eligible to participate in the Connected Catheter Clinical Study: connectedcatheter.com

Here is Derek’s story.


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